12MP Sabah thanks federal govt for approving Keningau IPDAS project phase 2

KENINGAU: The Sabah government appreciates the commitment of the federal government which always strives to help the Sabahans through various development provisions in the 12th Malaysia Plan (12 MP).
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor said this included approving the Institute of Islamic Studies and Dakwah Sabah (IPDAS) Phase Two construction project in Keningau with an allocation of RM60 million.
“I also hope that the federal government will consider the development of Kudat IPDAS Campus Phase Two through 13MP allocations so that it also benefits the surrounding community and further fulfils the agenda of education and employment opportunities,” he said at the 17th IPDAS Convocation Ceremony here today.
Hajiji said the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, through IPDAS, in collaboration with the state Islamic Religious Council; the state Islamic Religious Affairs Department; federal and state government agencies; the private sector and several non-governmental organisations have always joined hands in strengthening the development of Islamic teachings in the state.
In the meantime, he also wants IPDAS, together with the state government, to explore cooperation in the field of educational innovation, in line with the development of education without borders.
Hajiji said various initiatives have been implemented by the state government including the establishment of the Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCENIC).
“It is a great opportunity for IPDAS to explore the digitalisation, combined with core knowledge, in producing skilled youths and subsequently meeting today’s needs,” he said.
Hajiji said the state government is always concerned about the development of the education of the Sabahans which is translated through the Human Capital and People’s Well-being Initiative as one of the directions of the Sabah Maju Jaya development plan.
He also said that Sabah government, through the cooperation of government agencies and government-related companies (GLCs), has developed the Youth Fellows programme to produce youths with potential, intellectual and tenacity in the state.
“They will be placed in selected GLCs to be exposed to the world of work and the real challenges,” he said.
The graduates and parents are also urged to take the opportunity of the policies and plans introduced by the state government so that they become the driving force in transforming the people of all corners of Sabah into a progressive, developed and prosperous society, he said.

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