Anyone can come, promise the moon and stars, the fact remains Sandakan folk drink salty tap water for months – Rahia

KINABATANGAN: UMNO Kinabatangan division welcomes other parties or individuals to enliven the democratic process in Malaysia, especially in the Kinabatangan area.

Kinabatangan UMNO Information chief Rahia Arpaih said political parties are free to expand their influence in the area in line with the principles of democracy.

However, he cautioned parties against delivering rhetorical agendas, particularly development-related ones, in order to garner support.

“In reality, there is only sweet promise and no implementation,” he said.

He stated that while anyone can promise the moon and the stars, the reality is that in Sandakan district, people have to drink salty tap water for months and give up ringgit to buy mineral water for cooking, despite the fact that the leader of the PGRS, who is in charge of the state government of the day, had promised to resolve this issue within three months.

“This does not include the issue of potholed roads that are carelessly implemented by road concessionaires appointed by the GRS government. This should be a priority for the government to resolve before making new promises to win the hearts and minds of the people, including Kinabatangan folk,” he said.

“This does not include the issue of frequent power outages not only in Sandakan but almost throughout the state,” Rahia said of the recent gathering of Sukau and Lamag residents at Sukau New Township, attended by some of the GRS’s prominent leaders.

Meanwhile, Rahia hopes that the GRS government led by Hajiji can implement all the slogans contained in Sabah Maju Jaya.

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