BN-PH pact works well in Selangor – Libaran MP Suhaimi

SHAH ALAM: The close cooperation between the campaign machinery of Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH) is expected to secure top notch success in the upcoming Selangor state election on August 12.

Sabah UMNO Information Chief Datuk Suhaimi Nasir said that throughout the campaign, the BN-PH election machinery focused on a new political alliance to make sure that the Unity Government wins in the Selangor elections.

He said that while it was a bit awkward to reconcile after decades of each side’s political struggle, that didn’t stop BN and PH from working closely together on this state election.

‘This new political alliance through the unity government, especially in the Selangor election, seems to have had a good effect, thus convincing voters to choose the unity government candidates on August 12.
“During the remaining seven days before the polls, the momentum of this spirit can be increased so that the mechanisms of BN and PH can achieve their intended goals,” he said here today.

Suhaimi, who is also a Libaran MP, said Sabah UMNO was tasked with supporting the campaign machinery in 12 state constituencies in Selangor contested by BN.

“During the past seven days dedicated to helping the movement of the work in 12 DUN, BN, and PH, we have had good partnership and understanding to ensure the victory of the candidate representing the unity government,” he said.

He said the experience gained through the Selangor state election with new approaches is crucial for Sabah UMNO to emulate in the next Sabah elections.

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