Chickens, Onions Hot Items At Lahad Datu Rahmah Kasih Sayang Sales

LAHAD DATU: Cheap sales of fresh chicken and onions are among the things that housewives go for at the Rahmah Kasih Sayang Sales organised by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living at Sthamin Supermarket here today.

Nova Anita Susanti Suparman, 32, was among many who did not miss out on the opportunity to buy chicken that was sold at a cheaper price.

“The price of fresh chicken (thighs and breasts) is sold at a price of RM 14.70 per kg compared to the usual RM 15.10. Although it has only dropped by RM 0.40 it still helps those of us who are low-income earners. My family is large and the government’s initiative to make a promotion like this helps to some extent,” she said when met by Bernama here today.

Nova Anita Susanti, also a housewife, hopes that such initiatives can be held more often, like twice a month.

Bernama’s walkabout found that there are 21 types of items that are given discounts in conjunction with the Rahmah Kasih Sayang Sales Programme which lasts for two days until tomorrow.

Among the cheap items on sale are garlic (RM 10.20 per kg), potatoes (RM 2.90 per kg) and grade C chicken eggs (RM 14.30).

For another housewife, Luzy Boel, 49, the rising cost of living means there is never enough money to cover various expenses, therefore cheap sales initiatives with discounts should be exploited.

Luzy also hopes that more supermarkets come forward to work with the government to hold the Rahmah Kasih Sayang Sales Programme and to include more items such as vegetables to give more options to the public to buy at low prices.

Rabiani Baba, 38, also hopes that the government can hold the cheap sales programme in locations close to low-income residents.

“Today I boarded the bus to go to town just to take advantage of this cheap sale,” she said while suggesting that the government enforce price controls more often to prevent traders from raising prices arbitrarily. – Bernama

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