Consultation Agreement between UMS and Wong Aquaculture Sdn Bhd –

KOTA KINABALU: Wong Aquaculture Sdn Bhd (WA) and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) are excited to announce a two years research consultation agreement to investigate the potential of duckweed as a potential alternative feed component for Chanos chanos, also known as milkfish or ikan baulu.

Dr. Rafidah Binti Othman and Associate Professor Dr. Faihana Ching Abdullah @ Ching Fui Fui, both researcher from Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI), UMS, will work with WA and BMRI UMS on this RM232,000 collaboration. Their combination expertise and background in research will give the research a firm basis.

Mr. Jonathan Wong, the managing director of WA, is also involved in this initiative. His proactive management style and understanding in sustainable aquaculture practices give the project significant momentum to improve the sector and promote environmental sustainability.

Acknowledging the importance of resource-efficient and sustainable practises in the aquaculture sector, the finding form this research is aim to improve feed efficiency, minimise reliance on traditional feed ingredients, and promote a circular economy in the aquaculture by utilising duckweed as a potential feed supplementation.  Hence, an extensive analysis and experiments will be conducted to evaluate the nutritional content, digestibility, growth performance, and general health of milkfish  when given diets with varied quantities of duckweed.

This partnership between WA and UMS is an excellent example of the synergy between industries and academic institutions, where scientific know-how and practical understanding combine to address critical issues faced by the industry. This research consultation contract shows both organisations’ commitment to sustainable practises as well as their dedication to expanding scientific understanding for the benefit of the industry.

The outcomes of this research consultation agreement have great promise for the aquaculture industry, as they may transform feed formulas and establish new benchmarks for sustainable fish production. The collaboration between WA and UMS is evidence of their common goal of building a sustainable aquaculture industry.

Both organisations are excited to start this fascinating research project and are certain that their collaboration will produce important insights into the possible advantages of using duckweed as a feed supplementation for milkfish.

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