Courts allow application by SFC to dispose of unclaimed wildlife, deer antlers sent to S’wak

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The unclaimed items include a baby python, an arowana fish and deer antlers. – File photo

MIRI (Aug 10): The Magistrates’ Court here today allowed an application by Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) for the disposal of a baby python, after no one came forward to claim it.

Magistrate Nazira Adlin Ahmad Khairul Razi allowed the application filed by SFC officer Roland Nyelang Atong, pursuant to Section 49 of the Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1998.

In his application, Roland told the court that the live baby python was seized from a parcel at the Miri Customs office on July 14, 2023 at around 1pm.

As no one has come forward to claim the reptile, it was handed over to SFC.

In another court, Magistrate Sandy Yvette Freddy allowed an application filed by SFC officers Mohamad Amirul Sulong and Lennon Dungau Remil to dispose of an arowana fish, locally known as ‘ikan kelisa’, and deer antlers.

In their application, Mohamad Amirul and Lennon said both exhibits are listed under the Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998.

The arowana was found alive in a styrofoam parcel on July 12, 2023, while the deer antlers in another parcel on July 17, 2023.

All three parcels were transported into Sarawak through air freight.

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