Do not be complacent in the final days of Selangor’s election campaign – Abdul Manan


SELAYANG (Selangor) : The Barisan Nasional (BN) campaign machinery needs to improve its work performance ahead of the remaining state election campaign period, especially in the Kuang Selangor state constituency.

In making the call, Semporna UMNO chief Abdul Manan Indanan said an overly relaxed attitude or being overconfident should be avoided, and instead BN should capitalise on the opponent’s weaknesses and try to win the hearts of voters.

He said that the BN campaign machinery needs to use the existing space wisely to explain the issues raised by the opposition so that voters remain confident in choosing the unity government candidates on August 12.

“The campaign atmosphere on the previous day seemed rather dull considering that most of the party machinery was working during the day.

“However, that is not an excuse… There is still room and an opportunity to be used to work together with the Pakatan Harapan (PH) machinery to ensure that Kuang candidate Datuk Hasnal Rezua Merican Habib wins on August 12,” he said here today.

Abdul Manan said the Kuang state seat has 45,000 voters, involving three areas of the Voting District Centre (PDM), namely Kuang, Cempaka, and Sungai Buloh, managed by Sabah UMNO, together with election machinery in the local area.

“Ahead of the remaining period of this election campaign, we are confident that both the BN machinery and PH will multiply their efforts to track down the young voters who will be decisive for the outcome of the state election on August 12,” he said.

Kuang state constituency witnessed a three-cornered fight, with the other two candidates being the incumbent Sallehudin Amiruddin (Independent) and Mohd Rafiq Mohd Abdullah (PN).

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