Fahmi’s Political Secretary Lodges Report Against Papagomo Over Slanderous Statement

KUALA LUMPUR: The political secretary to Fahmi Fadzil, the Communications and Digital Minister today confirmed making a report against Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris or ‘Sir Azri’ following a slanderous statement relating to Good Vibes Festival.

The report was lodged by Abdullah Izhar Mohamed Yusof at 11.12 am at Pantai police station on a 3.24 seconds video on Facebook by Wan Muhammad Azri or better known as ‘Papagomo’ which allegedly slandered and disparaged the government by saying that ‘The 1975’ incident was staged by the government. 

Abdullah Izhar in a statement today said the report was made to enable police to expedite investigation on the Facebook account of Sir Azri as well as the man who slandered the government in the video.

“I also urged police to investigate all social media platforms owned by Sir Azri to ensure the defamation or fake news is not disseminated to Malaysians. The act will only threaten the peace and harmony of the races and religion,” he said.

In the video, there was a conversation between the Facebook Account with a man claiming to be a former crew of the concert organiser.

The statement also said the special branch had obtained the statement of the complainant and the report was made to strongly deny the slanders made by the individual involved.

The complainant was reported as having seen the Facebook post at 5.51 pm at the office of the Lermbah Pantai MP yesterday.

Commenting on ‘The 1975’ incident, he said the government had taken steps immediately to cancel the festival but the issue was manipulated to become a platform for a handful of people with political motives to topple the government.

“Therefore, the authorities should take form actions against the Facebook account owner known as Sir Azri or Papagomo so that it would not be followed by other parties to slander the government,” he said. – Bernama

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