I Met Youngsters To Understand Their Needs, Take Action – PM

SUNGAI PETANI: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has called on all parties not to ridicule the government’s efforts to draw closer to the youth, including students.

He said this was to understand what are their needs, which can be realised by the government.

“…Monday to Friday (I am) in the office, Saturday (and) Sunday go down to the ground. I can’t be sitting in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and not care. How can I know the complaints of students, youngsters and those in Form Six, polytechnics… but when we listen to them, action will be taken.

“The Sixth Formers, for example, said ‘Datuk Seri, we are Sixth Formers, not mere school children, let there be a different way, a different method.

“Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek announced (on July 13) that it does not categorise Form Six as part of the school, (but) considered as Pre-University College… it means we listen (to youngsters),” he said at the launch of the Rural Entrepreneur Mini Carnival (KUD) @ Sungai Petani today.

Meanwhile, Anwar said the government planned to use the 40 Starlink satellite devices installed in institutions of higher education in the country to provide wider and faster internet connectivity on campuses to facilitate the students’ learning process.

“I visited universities and heard complaints from students asking ‘Datuk Seri, how to study when the internet (connectivity) is slow?’ So, when Elon Musk spoke to me (yesterday), I told (Communications and Digital Minister) Fahmi (Fadzil) to procure the Starlink devices immediately, (and) we will install them at whichever university that needs them,” said Anwar.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister held a virtual meeting with the founder and chief executive officer of Tesla Inc and SpaceX, Elon Musk.

Anwar was reported to have said that the collaboration between the Malaysian government and Musk would create tens of thousands of skilled job opportunities in the country after Musk agreed to make significant investments in Malaysia, including setting up Tesla headquarters in Cyberjaya.

He said Musk also agreed to collaborate with the government, involving his company, SpaceX, on the satellite internet service Starlink and electric vehicles (EV).

“On Starlink (satellite services), which involve internet access and connectivity, we agreed that this collaboration will provide affordable direct internet access to rural areas, schools and universities.

“In fact, in this regard (Starlink satellite services), he (Musk) affirmed that priority will be given to Malaysia,” said Anwar. – Bernama

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