Kuching, Sri Aman, Serian record unhealthy air quality

A hazy Kuching skyline is observed from Bukit Siol in Petra Jaya on Aug 15. – Photo by Chimon Upon

KUCHING (Sept 4): Three divisions in Sarawak namely Kuching, Sri Aman, and Serian have recorded unhealthy air pollutant index (API) readings, according to hourly readings on the Air Pollutant Index of Malaysia’s (APIMS) website.

As of 8am today, Sri Aman had the highest API at 154, followed by Kuching (134) and Serian (124).

Other parts of Sarawak recorded moderate API readings.

Kuching started recording unhealthy air quality at 12am today when the API reading hit 110, while Serian started recording unhealthy air quality status at 1pm when the division recorded an API reading of 108.

Sri Aman’s air quality has been in the unhealthy range since last Friday.

The unhealthy API status is for readings of 101 to 200. According to the APIMS website, unhealthy API can worsen the health condition of high-risk people who are people with heart and lung complications.

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