Rentap C’ships pit local talents against foreign fighters

Fighters representing Rentap Muaythai Club gather for a group photograph at the end of the championships.

KUCHING (Dec 20): Organising chairperson Jennana Thompson has hailed Saturday’s Rentap Fighting Championships organised by Muay Girls Promotions and Grit Events at Civic Centre as a big success.

The Rentap Muaythai Club co-owner said they were able to stage 39 bouts comprising 28 amateur, semi professional and super professional bouts in the day-long event.

“We (Rentap Muaythai Club) had eight fighters taking part in the amateur and semi pro bouts that were held in the day and we won seven golds and one silver.

“As for the super pro bouts, we fielded fighters in all 11 bouts and lost only one,” she told The Borneo Post.

Olivia (left) launches a kick at Chumbaa Wor Watthana of Thailand in the Girls 31kg bout.

Rentap fighters Kabilan Jelevan beat ‘Eagle’ Pong of Thailand in the men’s 60kg, Olivia Bahsous beat Chumbaa Wor Watthana of Thailand in the Girls 31kg, Eric Rocha Milton beat ‘Wan Lah’ Wan Abdullah of Malaysia in the men’s 67kg, ‘Boy Prata’ Prtasarahtee Punniyamoorthy beat Leungchai Petchambo of Thailand in men’s 56kg while Mikhail Ghazali Zulfikar lost by points to Kukmanthong Petchalukan Thailand in the Boys 41kg.

In other bouts, ‘Head Hunter’ Mohd Rifdean beat Muengubon Sor Borisut Thailand in the men’s 51kg,  Sukma gold medalist ‘Jojo’ Johan Ghazali beat Nassim Croquet of France in the men’s 58.5kg while his elder brother, also a gold medalist at Sukma XX, Elias Ghazali Zulfikar beat Kid Danger of Thailand in the men’s 61kg, Yong Rentap beat ‘Maliki Singa Hitam’ Che Malik Che Mohd of Kelantan in the mens’ 59kg, Rentap Muaythai Club head coach Addy Singpyak beat Suquet Mathieu of France in the men’s 58kg but ‘Aman Koboi’ Awangku Abdul Rahman lost to Wassof Rumijan of Kuala Lumpur in the men’s 50kg.

“We tried to showcase all those Sarawak’s highest talents in muaythai and this Super Pro night event was a sold-out with 1,100 spectators and we showcased high level muaythai.

“The thing we are most proud of is that we were able to bring talented fighters from outside the country so we were able to showcase Malaysian talents to fighters from Canada, France, West Malaysia and especially give opportunities to young fighters from Thailand to travel and fight here in Kuching, Malaysia,” said Jennana.

She added that the club was proud to be able to showcase Malaysia and give fighters a chance to get experience and show how hard they worked.

“As for the amateur,and semi pro bouts in the day time the fighters are from local muaythai clubs, so we were able to give them a platform so that they can practise, have experience and go into the professional ring to fight in professional events.

“What Sarawak needs is to have more such event to help build up the sport and we are glad that we are part of that,” she said.

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