RWMF ends with a bang leaving thousands in attendance chanting for more

Festival-goers in full spirit during one of the acts on the final night of RWMF 2023. – Photo by Roystein Emmor

KUCHING (June 25): The three-day Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2023 concluded tonight with an explosive showcase of talent, leaving the thousands of festival-goers awestruck and chanting for more.

From the soulful melodies of Suk Binie to the reggae-infused beats of Big Mountain, each act captivated the audience.

The night kicked off with Suk Binie, whose music is composed based on the traditions of the ethnic community in Sarawak, particularly the Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu. With a blend of traditional Bornean influences of the ethnic community, Suk Binie’s performance transported the crowd on a heartfelt journey.

Next was Tuku’ Kame’, a vibrant ensemble rooted in the spirit of Borneo whose performance enchanted the audience with infectious rhythms by traditional instruments belonging to the ethnic races of Borneo.

Their fusion of traditional instruments and contemporary sounds created an electrifying atmosphere, with festival-goers expressing themselves through dance.

The crowd was then treated to Kelantanese traditional music by Geng Wak Long with music genres such as neo authentic traditional, contemporary traditional, contemporary and contemporary experimental.

As the night progressed, Afriquoi, known for their uplifting fusion of African music and live electronics, had the crowd grooving to their unique blend of African rhythms and electronic elements, while Meruked showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region with their enchanting melodies and stylistic sound from Borneo’s treasured sape.

Adding a visual spectacle to the night, Safi Theatre took the stage performing traditional ngoma music (drumming and dance), blending their unique and lively shows with acrobatics in order to create an exciting mix of traditional Tanzanian Music and artistic creativity.

Leading to the headliner was Rizal Hadi and Folk who showcased a unique style of folk music by combining ballads, rock, reggae and blues with eclectic ethnic rhythms.

The pinnacle of the evening arrived with the final-day headliners Big Mountain taking the stage by storm.

The reggae band delivered a performance that sent waves of energy throughout the festival grounds. Their unique fusion of roots reggae, pop and rhythm and blues music brought festival-goers together, creating a collective experience of pure joy and unity.

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