Sandakan residents complain about salty taste of water

Press statement by ADUN Tanjong Papat cum Chairman of DAP Sabah, YB Datuk Poon Ming Fung @ Frankie:

SANDAKAN: On Monday, once again I was contacted by a resident of Taman Grandview about an issue with the quality of their treated water supply to her house from the main pipe.

I am not an Expert in quality of water. The main complaint is in regard to the water quality supplied to her house in that she alleged “salty taste” of the water for quite sometime.

I have collected a small bottle of the treated water as sample and will forward it to the necessary Dept for testing.

In fact, in recent days, I have heard of complaints in the quality of water supplied from the Water Dept. Those complaints came from all over in Sandakan.

Similarly, I have heard from several close sources who have been experiencing skin allergies in recent months. They stated that they never had skin allergies before until these recent months. All complained that they appear to have developed the skin allergies just about the same period. Some are quite serious. Some complained that the rashes would appear after their showers or bath. Others alleged it would happen immediately after getting out of bed. I wonder whether the allergies may have some connection with the treated water supply or due to food intake.

I suggest that the Ministry of Health, in particular, Public Health Dept should take immediate steps to investigate in depth whether there is any connection between these two issues. Issue of the treated water quality from the main pipe. Issue of their Data in recent months from Hospital Duchess of Kent and private practitioners on increase in skin allergies patients and what may be the possible causes.

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