Search ongoing for missing man in Sri Aman

A Bomba photo showing firefighters at the river where the victim was swept away by the currents.

KUCHING (Sept 17): A search and rescue (SAR) operation is ongoing to locate a man, who went missing after he was swept away by strong river currents while bathing in Sungai Belaie Ulu Skrang in Sri Aman around 11.40am yesterday.

The victim, identified as Fresly Stephen, 25, was bathing in the river with seven others when the incident occurred.

In his police report, one of the victim’s friends said he tried to save the victim but failed and had sought the help of the local villagers there to locate the victim.

Meanwhile, Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) in a statement last night said they were notified about the incident at 2.55pm and firefighters from the Betong fire station were mobilised to the scene.

A search and rescue operation was subsequently launched but was called off at 5.30pm due to limited visibility as it was getting dark.

Besides the firefighters, the SAR operation today involves the police, Civil Defence Force and a group of villagers.

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