Termination of free broadband service in Sabah is unjustified – Suhaimi

SANDAKAN: The termination of “free broadband services” across Sabah by the Ministry of Communications and Digital is unjustified and causing problems for hundreds of thousands of rural students. 

Libaran Member of Parliament Datuk Suhaimi Haji Nasir said hundreds of thousands of students in rural Sabah still rely on free broadband services to carry on their daily learning activities. 

“Not every village has a Digital Economy Center (PEDi), or formerly known as a Community Internet Centre, that students can visit,” he said.

Suhaimi said this when commenting on the purported termination of the ‘Free Broadband Service” which went viral today.

Suhaimi, who is also Sabah UMNO’s information chief, explained that students in rural areas still rely entirely on services in strategic locations such as village halls and community centres.

“Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil should conduct a comprehensive study regarding the service before terminating it.

“If true, a notice has been issued to PEDi operators throughout Sabah confirming that the service will be terminated immediately. The contract to provide free broadband internet service has not yet been renewed and may not be renewed by the ministry for the time being.

“This is inappropriate, unacceptable, and creates problems for rural areas, especially B40 students,” he said.

Suhaimi therefore urged Minister of Communications and Digital to clarify the issue to ensure that this group of rural students in Sabah will not be affected, particularly their learning activities requiring internet access.

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