What Does BTS, Start-Up, King The Land Have To Do With Kota Kinabalu

King The Land, Episode 7 mentions Kota Kinabalu.

Have you recently tried eating Bak Kut Teh, Seafood or at Yee Fung recently? If you’ve had, you would definitely feel the presence of the k-person invasion as you try to vie for a spot.

It is certainly great to have international tourist back to Sabah and no doubt, the surge would be from Korea. If you follow the news close enough, you would have probably come across a headline of an airline flying in to Kota Kinabalu from Jeju, Incheon or Busan.

For someone who has yet to visit Korea, I cannot understand why Sabah seems to be their pick for a vacation destination.

It is because of the amazing sunset as mentioned in the k-series Start-Up back in 2020?

It is because way before BTS buttered everyone up that in 2015 they visited multiple spots in Sabah showcasing the Cultural Village and also Beach Resorts? (Did you know BTS did visit Sabah back in 2015?)

And again very recently in the relatively newly released King The Land, the ladies listed Kota Kinabalu as a possible incentive destination as part of their hard earned incentive.

Regardless, I guess you can say there is a tinge of pride that these secular entities have mentioned Kota Kinabalu bah! Sure bangga one…

Nevertheless, let’s think of the positives (besides the wait for BKT and Yee Fung), the spending dollar should help our economy. The preference to travel to Sabah has also gained for us, direct access to those major cities for travel.



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