Woman’s recurring dream leads to over RM16 mln jackpot win while travelling to Banting

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KUCHING (April 4): Dreams do come true as proven by a lucky 54-year-old woman who won the jackpot prize of RM16,318,043 in the recent Magnum 4D Jackpot game.

A press release said the business owner credited her life-changing win to a recurring dream.

She said the lucky numbers 5785 kept showing up in her dreams, so she had to try her luck purchasing them.

“I usually buy the Magnum 4D Classic game but as the Magnum 4D Jackpot amount was the highest at the moment, I decided to try my luck with that game instead.

“I was on my way to visit my relatives in Banting and while on my journey, I also saw the same car plate number of 3887 reappearing. We decided to stop and buy some fruits for my relatives and there was a Magnum 4D shop right next door.

“My instincts told me to go in and I decided to purchase the System Bet-8, giving eight sets of numbers to increase my chances. I’m so glad that I followed my instincts. This is really a dream come true for me,” she shared.

She said the Magnum 4D Jackpot had been rolling for several weeks, leading to the highest jackpot in town for that period.

The woman said it was truly exciting to watch the draw results on the Magnum 4D website.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the first number, 3887 displayed and then the number 5785 was also revealed. I shocked my family when I screamed with joy as I realised those were my jackpot numbers.

“To be sure, I got my son to check the ticket by scanning it using the MyMagnum 4D app,” she explained excitedly.

The winner said she could not sleep due to the excitement as she realised her life had changed for the better overnight.

She revealed her plans to use the winnings to buy her dream house as her family has been renting all this time.

She will also plan a long-deserved vacation.

“Being a business shop owner, it’s a seven-day job for me. I have not taken a vacation in years. I would love to spend time with my family and now I finally can,” she said.

The winner added she will also donate some of her winnings to charity.

She thanked Magnum 4D for giving her the life-changing opportunity to become a millionaire.

“It is thrilling to see yet another life-changing win for one of our players. We are always excited to see one of our players win big with Magnum 4D, and this win is no exception. We hope this win brings joy and happiness to the winner and their loved ones,” said a Magnum spokesperson.

Magnum 4D reminded all players to play responsibly and to always scan their tickets in the MyMagnum 4D app to keep updated on draw results.

Players can also become M-Premium members via the MyMagnum 4D app to enjoy additional benefits.

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