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Attributed to double eyelid surgery, Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia cum Rural and Regional Development Minister’s new appearance has sparked curiosity among netizens.

Rafi Awg Kechik of UMNO confirms that Zahid has previously informed him about having to undergo double eyelid surgery on both eyes as excessive skin had covered up to 70 per cent of his eyes. The removal of excess skin was necessary to avoid any further complications.

Rafi clarified that Zahid had no choice but to undergo the surgery and added that the effects of the medication had not yet subsided.

His daughter Datuk Nurulhidayah Ahmad Zahid has spoken up on this and also explains that Datuk Seri required surgery due to optical nerve damage.

“He is not a superstar, why should he need to change his face? Since it involves his optical nerves which were causing him harm, there was a need to address it.

“But it is natural that people like to spread lies more than knowing the truth,” she wrote in the comment section of her original post featuring a picture of her and her parents.

Nurulhidayah says her father was still recuperating and did not take a long leave of absence after the said eye surgery.

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